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Low angle shot of a giraffe drinking at a waterhole, accompanied by an oxpecker. Zimanga Private Game Reserve, South Africa.
Jenny Zhao/TNC Photo Contest

These awe-inspiring, award-winning photographs show the majesty of nature

The winners of Nature Conservancy’s 2022 Global Photo Contest are from all over the world

Ella Doyle
Written by
Ella Doyle

With a hell of a lot of bad news going around at the moment, it can be easy to spend your time doom-scrolling. We could all do with something a little more uplifting to cut through the blues. And that’s exactly what you get with the winners of the Nature Conservancy’s 2022 Global Photo Contest.

Each year, Nature Conservancy’s photo contest highlights the marvellous diversity of the natural world. But the awards aren’t just about nature in general. They also show how, through climate change and habitat destruction, humanity is having a devastating impact on wildlife and their habitats.

The competition’s 2022 winners are, unsurprisingly, totally spectacular. Depicting scenes from all over the world, they show everything from veterinarian workers looking after elephants in Kenya to an outstretched lizard guarding its territory in India. You can view all of the winners here (including more conservation-themed shots) but, in the meantime, have a browse of our top picks from this year’s shortlist below. 

‘Branching Out’ by Li Ping, China

On either side of a highway, gullies formed by rainwater erosion span out like a tree in Tibet, an autonomous region in southwest China
Photograph: Li Ping / TNC Photo Contest 2022

‘An Unforgiving Kingdom’ by Shafeek Mulla, Zambia

A leopard known as Olimba carries the carcass of a female vervet monkey with its baby still hanging on for dear life. Picture taken in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.
Shafeeq Mulla/TNC Photo Contest

‘Adi’ by Francisco Javier Munuera González, Spain

Slope of Mount Adi, in Navarra, Spain
Francisco Javier Munuera González/TNC Photo Contest

‘Faith Above Everything’ by Amish Jain, India

FAITH ABOVE EVERYTHING A man standing in freezing cold water waiting for Sun God to arrive during Chatth Puja Festival.
Amish Jain/TNC Photo Contest

‘Post Lockdown Beach’ by Marcelo Paulo Silva, Brazil

 Praia do Pontal, at Recreio dos Bandeirantes in Rio de Janeiro on the first day after the beaches lockdown
Marcelo Paulo Silva/TNC Photo Contest

‘Cleaning the Lakes’ by Amish Jain, India

A person cleaning the Lakes of excessive sea vegetation due to hot climate as well as waste being dumped into the lake.
Amish Jain/TNC Photo Contest

‘Thor’s Well’ by Tom Fenske, United States

Also known as the Drainpipe of the Pacific, this natural hole in the rock along the Oregon Coast is seen here at sunset.
Tom Fenske/TNC Photo Contest

‘Ancient’ by Cristiano Xavier, Brazil

 An old tree of Madeira Island light painted in a foggy evening. This forest grows in a high part of the island and has some amazing mossy trees.
Cristiano Xavier/TNC Photo Contest

‘Keep Distance’ by Baiju Patil, India

KEEP DISTANCE India. © Baiju Patil/TNC Photo Contest
Baiju Patil/TNC Photo Contest

‘Giraffe Drinking’ by Jenny Zhao, United States

Low angle shot of a giraffe drinking at a waterhole, accompanied by an oxpecker. Zimanga Private Game Reserve, South Africa.
Jenny Zhao/TNC Photo Contest

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