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These futuristic glamping pods have just landed in the middle of Antarctica

Peer out at the icy landscapes from the comfort of your bed

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson

After the past couple of years, you might be looking for a getaway that’s really out there. Your standard two-bed villa just won’t cut it any more: it’s all about Airbnbs suspended in treetops or hanging over the edge of sculpture parks

If you want something truly wild, though, these futuristic Antarctic ‘sky pods’ should definitely be on your radar. Apparently inspired by space tourism, travel company White Desert is opening a campsite called Echo on the icy plains. The heated domes have floor-to-ceiling windows, meaning you can peer out at the jaw-dropping landscapes from the comfort of your bed. 

White Desert
Photograph: White Desert

There are communal living, dining and showering spaces – to be shared by residents of multiple pods – all decorated with pictures taken at the International Space Station. With slate-grey walls, retro light fittings and curved sofas, the interiors really lean into the intergalactic theme. And best of all, the pods are designed to be dismantled, leaving no trace at the end of the camping season.

If you’re worried about what you can actually... do in this rather isolated (and chilly) part of the world, White Desert has got you covered. Step one is a martini shaken with thousand-year-old ice, which is either utterly incredible or completely horrifying, depending how you look at it. There are also truck driving experiences, guided hikes and ice climbs. So, plenty to do, in fact.

Here’s the catch: the six-day camping experience costs an astonishing $65,000 (£47,600) per person, so, unsurprisingly, it’s only really for the super-rich. Guess it’s going to have to stay on the inspo list for now.

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