This new ferry lets you explore the Caribbean’s most underrated islands for less

Makana Ferry has launched a whole new schedule, linking seven islands in one trip

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When you imagine paradise, it’s likely you picture somewhere that looks a whole lot like the Caribbean. The islands boast some of the most scenic spots in the world, thanks to boundless white beaches and endless sun – and attract plenty of visitors, naturally. But there are loads of islands which remain relatively untouched by tourists. And what’s super exciting is that some of the Caribbean’s most underrated islands have just become much easier to explore, thanks to a company called Makana Ferry.

Makana has recently launched a brand-new batch of services to make island hopping significantly easier. The new itinerary means seven islands, including parts of the Dutch Caribbean, can now be visited in one trip.

Ferries to the islands of Saba, Sint Eustatius (aka Statia), Sint Maarten and St Kitts are available: islands which sit in close proximity to Nevis, St Barts and Anguilla. Each one offers a bounty of astounding natural beauty unseen by many tourists, as well as some distinctive cultural twists from their Dutch colonial history.

A round trip from St Kitts to Sint Maarten costs less than a one-way flight, at around £150 (€175, $190). St Kitts sits opposite Nevis, and two make up a dual-island nation, popular with hikers thanks to two majestic volcanoes.

Sint Maarten is also sometimes referred to as Saint Martin, but the two names actually refer to different halves of the island: the former referring to the Dutch portion, the latter to the French. The island has 37 glorious beaches, great food and shopping and some bustling nightlife. 

However it’s the two smaller islands, Saba and Sint Eustatius, that are the true undiscovered treasures which have just become that much easier to explore. Described by the Daily Telegraph as reminiscent of the Caribbean of 40 or 50 years ago, Sint Eustatius has remained free from mass tourism, despite its beauty. ‘Statia’ is also popular for its marine wildlife – snorkelling is big here – and also for The Quill, a dormant volcano which is a more beginner-friendly hiking spot.

Unusually for a Caribbean island, Saba has only one beach – and it vanishes outside of the months of June to October. It’s actually known as ‘disappearing beach.’

Check out Makana Ferry’s schedule – it’s quite possible that the island-hopping trip to the Caribbean that’s been perched on your bucket list just became a lot more doable.

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