Time Out Market Lisbon is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Over the last ten years, our specially-curated market has become one of Portugal’s most popular attractions

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly
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Time Out Market Lisbon turns 10!
Photograph: Joana Freitas

When you think about it, 2014 was quite the year. Kim and Kanye got hitched, Germany won the world cup, and Ellen DeGeneres took that viral oscar selfie. But in our diaries, something even more mega took place – it was the opening of Time Out Market Lisbon

That’s right, our OG market opened its doors almost exactly 10 years ago to the day. And what a 10 years it’s been! 

The idea originally came from Time Out Lisbon’s editors, who wanted a way to bring all the very best food from all over the city under one roof. From big-name chefs to local gems, the team, who know the city better than anyone, tried and tested all the culinary talent that Lisbon had to offer, and carefully curated a market featuring all the standouts. 

Today, Time Out Market Lisbon is one of Portugal’s most popular attractions – it’s welcomed 35 million visitors over the last decade. So no wonder we now have eight other markets across four continents, with Porto being the latest addition. 

There are over 1,500 items on the various menus, and the kitchens are regularly updated to keep it fresh and exciting – a city’s food scene changes constantly, after all. But it’s not just the variety that’s exciting. Our markets offer a more accessible way to sample the work of some of the city’s most talented chefs. 

At Time Out Market Porto, for example, you can cop Chef Vasco Coelho Santos’ Rabanada with ice cream for just £6, or two Michelin star Chef Ricardo Costa’s famous beef stew served in a doughnut for £7. For such creative bites from such innovative chefs, those are quite the bargains. 

The market also plays host to a fair few events throughout the year. Whether you want to try your hand at a cooking class, or try your hips at some salsa, visit an exhibition or catch some comedy, Time Out Market Lisbon has got it all goin’ on. 

Time Out Market CEO Sandy Hayek said: ‘Our Markets are open and inclusive spaces for a diverse audience: families and friends enjoy meals together (and everyone finds something for their taste), couples come for a date night and solo diners can easily connect with other guests rather than sitting at a table on their own.’

‘Time Out Market Lisbon has become …  much-loved by locals and tourists, and started the global roll out of Markets in other great cities – we are proud of these achievements and the amazing work of our team, partners and vendors.’

And the Market’s success speaks for itself. Not only do we now also have locations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, Dubai, Cape Town and Porto, but there are plenty more on the horizon. 

Keep an eye out for brand-new Time Out Markets in Barcelona and Bahrain (due to open in 2024) Osaka, Budapest, Vancouver and Abu Dhabi (due to open in 2025) and Riyadh and Prague (due to open in 2026). We’ll make sure to bring you all the latest info. 

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