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Outer Banks season 3
Photograph: JACKSON LEE DAVIS/NETFLIXMadelyn Cline in ‘Outer Banks’ season 3

Where is ‘Outer Banks’ season 3 filmed?

Here’s where you can find Poguelandia IRL

Phil de Semlyen
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Phil de Semlyen

Fans of Netflix teen drama Outer Banks won’t need telling that the show’s third season has just landed on the streaming platform. A kind of fun-loving cross between The Goonies, ‘The Hardy Boys’ and Dawson’s Creek, the show has had dedicated OBX-ers revelling in its probability-stretching twists and turns since 2020.

This season continues pulling all the same threads, hopefully leading the gang of adventure-seeking Pogues from the sun-splashed coastline of South Carolina (‘paradise on Earth’) to treasure worth $400 million hidden somewhere in the Bahamas.

It picks up with the gang washed up on a desert island they swiftly rename ‘Poguelandia’. But is it going to be clifftop swallow dives and sipping exotic beverages out of coconuts? Is it heck. There’s that treasure to find, as well as some foes – old and new – to face down. 

Where was Outer Banks season 3 filmed?

Set on the Atlantic coast of North Carolina, Outer Banks is a sunny slice of escapism that leans hard into its glorious, Natgeo-worthy locations. The show takes its name from a series of islands that run, like a string of pearls, from North Carolina to Virginia and offer shelter to a series of tranquil coves and wildlife refuges.

Outer Banks S3

But the show isn’t actually filmed in this picturesque corner of North Carolina. Instead, Netflix noted the state’s ‘bathroom law’ that requires trans people to use the bathrooms belonging to the sex they were assigned at birth and shifted production to Charleston in South Carolina instead.

So where is ‘Poguelandia’ IRL?  

While South Carolina features strongly again, season three also heads back to the tropical surrounds of Barbados. Locations used include Cove Spring House, a rent-able seaside mansion that’s used as the Cameron’s holiday home, while the white sands of Bathsheba Beach on the island’s east coast stand in for the Pogues’ idyllic refuge.

Bathsheba Beach
Photograph: Shutterstock

How can I watch season 3 of Outer Banks and when does it come out?  

It’s on Netflix worldwide as of right now, with all ten hour-long episodes streaming on the platform.

Who is in the cast of Outer Banks?

Chase Stokes is back as teen tearaway John B Routledge, the boyfriend to rich girl Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and best mate to surfer JJ (Rudy Pankow). Jonathan Daviss’s Pope Heyward is the smarts of the crew and Madison Bailey is soon-to-be-kidnapped hippie chick Kiara.

Then there’s Sarah’s bastard dad Ward Cameron (musician-actor Charles Esten of Nashville), who is also on the trail of the hidden bullion, along with his son Rafe (Drew Starkey). Also on the Pogues’ case is ‘ruthless Caribbean Don’ Carlos Singh, played by Station Eleven's Andy McQueen.

But who’ll get to that 400 mill first?

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