Zoos around the world are live-streaming penguins, pandas and beluga whales

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Beluga whale at Georgia Aquarium
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Missing that cat you always say hello to on the way to work? Frankly, in the era of coronavirus, animal-assisted therapy is just what we need.

So let’s hear it for the zoos. Many are streaming real-time feeds of their most popular attractions doing what they do best: nomming, slurping and reclining the days away. A bit like us right now, tbh.

From baboons to beluga whales, here are six incredibly soothing live-streams from zoo and aquariums around the world. Time flies when you’re watching podgy pandas…

Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo

Nothing makes us smile like a penguin’s wonky waddle. You’ve probably seen the viral video of penguins on the loose at an aquarium in Chicago. Keep the penguin party going with this live feed from Edinburgh.

Baboons at San Diego Zoo

San Diego offers a whole host of live-streams, chief of which is the Baboon Cam. For the sight of primates foraging and grooming (plus lots of iconic red bum), head right on in. Then switch to the Koala Cam for a dose of marsupial cuteness.

Snow leopards at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne has cameras set on its penguins, lions and giraffes, yet nothing tops its baby snow leopards, only just old enough to have left their nest box. Catch them as they return to snuggle up for the night.

Pandas at the National Zoo, Washington

The National Zoo has been synonymous with pandas ever since 1972, when China donated a pair to the US capital after President Nixon broke the diplomatic ice between the two countries. Tian Tian and Mei Xiang are the current stars of the zoo’s adorable live-stream.

Elephants at Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

Majestic, majestic elephants. You’ll see quite a few of them here – though Tembe Elephant Park is home to more than just ‘big tuskers’. Keep your eyes peeled for impala, leopards and warthogs as they flock to drink from the Mahlasela Pan waterhole.

Beluga whales at Georgia Aquarium

Maybe it’s our own lack of person-to-person contact speaking, but few animals seem more human than these gentle aquatic creatures. They’re serenity personified.

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