Adept Training And Initiation!

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Adept Training And Initiation!
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Adept Training And Initiation! says
This is an ancient rite that has been carried through by many of the mystic, shamanic, and mystery school traditions. The Adept Initiation is performed by a Guide, who has received the appropriate physical initiations and training in the ancient unbroken lineage of King Salomon. Our Guides are trained under the highest standards and have over a 3000 year-old lineage and authority to perform this service.

Some of the teaching included are:
*How to clear up the negative ego
*The Divine/God potential of humans
*The Spiritual Hierarchy of Light, Archangels, and Masters of Light
*Chi, Ki, and Hara Energies and how to use them to enhance your
life and work
*The Universal Kabbalah – unlocking some of its ancient secrets

Some of the Benefits and Privileges of the Initiation include:
*Direct increased contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light
*Physical and spiritual abundance from your service to the Light
*Ten times the power you had prior to initiation to empower your
work in the world
*An expansion of consciousness and heightened sense of clarity
about your purpose in life
*Increased guidance and protection (four new guides sent directly
from Creator to teach you and empower your spiritual evolution)
*Aligns the flow of your will with the flow of the Will of God/Source
and the Will of the Universe
*Sacred tools for protection and for communion with the Source

The cost for this life-changing 2-day is $500, $150 to audit. For information, contact Cindy at (407) 252-2682 or
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By: A Center for Wellness and Light