August Orlando Drum Circle 8 6 16

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August Orlando Drum Circle   8 6 16
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August Orlando Drum Circle 8 6 16 says
August Orlando Drum Circle 8-6-16

Lets come together, lets form a circle of sound.

Let us drum, dance and be happy down to our soul.

Come out to the Orlando Drum Circle and be part of your drum community.

I look forward to seeing you all out around the fire!!!!

P.S. - Please pass this information around to your friends so we can have a good turnout.

What to Bring?
- Your own Chairs or Blanket.
- Drums, Percussion, things to bang and make noise on.
- Hula Hoops are a great addition
- LED Poi is great fun to watch as well
- Something for the Donation Drum is always appreciated and helps pay for what we need to keep the Drum Circle going.

This is a public event open to everyone, families are welcome bring the kids out and show them there is alternative fun things to do then to watch TV.


Stay in touch with your community join our Facebook Group for updates on what is going on in your local drum community.

Check us out on Facebook:

If you want to Vend at any of the upcoming Drum Circles drop me an Email


Don't forget to stop in and say hello to our Host "The Orlando Brewery" who has some of the best Organic Beers around.


The Brewery is kind enough to allow us to have the drum circle here let us make sure we show our respect and appreciation.

If you have any questions or need any additional information you can contact me via Facebook or email at

I am looking forward to seeing everyone!!!!!
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