Camp Movie Night: "Tommy". Free

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Camp Movie Night: "Tommy". Free
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Camp Movie Night: "Tommy". Free says
A note from Marc With a C: "I love The Who. They are my favorite band. In 1969, they made a rock opera that fused together elements of science fiction, war fallout and a deaf, mute and blind child that inexplicably became good at pinball and in the process became a messiah. It shouldn't have worked, but it was unexpectedly cohesive, brilliant and moving.

And then in 1975? Ken Russell turned it into a movie and screwed that up for all eternity. Story problem? Throw money at it. Someone overacting? Cover them in baked beans.

Nothing goes right in this, the ultimate in laugh-out loud camp. Elton John controls a pinball machine with his keyboard. Tina Turner is a whacked out drug dealer. Eric Clapton heads a church that worships statues of Marilyn Monroe. And Jack Nicholson is a doctor that... well, tries to sing. Ann Margaret tries to sing rock music but... well, she does better than Oliver Reed. All punctuated by Roger Daltrey, who tries to portray a kid, but is clearly in his mid-thirties.

I know, the description sounds fun, but they dropped the ball at every turn, and "Tommy" is an overblown bit of camp that could only have been made in the era of cocaine excess. You have to see it to believe it, and we're gonna show it to you in it's entirety. Sorry, not sorry. Byt actually a little sorry."

Every time you buy a draft beer or special drink that Glitch is concocting? You'll be given a raffle ticket that'll make you eligible to win some fun prizes! The catch? You have to make it through THE WHOLE THING. It's an endurance test the likes of which you have never experienced before.

Are you ready for the sweet, sweet pain? It's free and starts promptly at 8 PM!
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By: The Geek Easy

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