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APRIL 9TH, 2016
6PM - 2AM


AKA Dylan's birthday show (my birthday is actually on April 6th, but I have to work that day).


(Please note: lineup and timeslots subject to change abruptly, so be sure to CONSTANTLY check back on this every chance you get)

(06:30) Hell Garbage (Lakeland)
(06:45) Bacon Grease (Orlando)
(07:00) Ola Lindefelt (Deland)
(07:15) Crustgirls (Daytona)
(07:30) Wren Turco (Deland)
(07:45) Pig Shrapnel (Longwood)
(08:00) Virgin Flower (Jacksonville)
(08:15) Durastatic (Fort Myers)
(08:30) Vasectomy Party (Palmetto)
(08:45) Shortwave Freq (Lakeland)
(09:00) Noisekillr (Spring Hill)
(09:15) Divorce Ring (Valdosta, GA)
(09:30) Vantage Planets (Panama City)
(09:45) Rin Larping (Atlanta, GA)
(10:00) Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge (St. Pete)
(10:15) Balcony View (Birmingham, AL)
(10:30) Laghima (Orlando)
(10:45) Norse Shit Band (Lakeland)
(11:00) Bellringer (Jacksonville)
(11:15) Rebel Scum (AL)
(11:30) The Sepia Raven (Savannah, GA)
(11:45) Dendera Bloodbath (Atlanta, GA)
(12:00) Rauh (Gainesville)
(12:15) Toiler (Jacksonville)
(12:30) Witch King (Daytona)
(12:45) Trotsky's Watercooler (Orlando)
(01:00) Tyler Grimmel (Lakeland)
(01:15) Hal Garbage (Palmetto/Lakeland)

DJ GΔRBΔGE all night to drown out any awkward silence that may occur between sets.

Pre-Show (Jax): https://www.facebook.com/events/1700152893597271/

Post-Show (St. Pete): https://www.facebook.com/events/103969013333680/
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