Demystifying And Then Re Mystifying The Vagina

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Demystifying    And Then Re Mystifying    The Vagina
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Demystifying And Then Re Mystifying The Vagina says
Hi. My name is Tony, and I have a penis. That means that I know less about vaginas than half of the world’s population.

That being said, I have learned one or two things in my… travels that I think are important/cool/esoteric enough to share.

This is NOT a “Pussy 101” class. I’ll cover the basics briefly, but that sort of information is very easy to obtain elsewhere, ideally from someone born with a vagina. This class is all about crazy and advanced stuff that one can do with the Holiest of Holes.

Here’s the breakdown:
Part 1: What everyone damn well needs to know before doing anything to, around, or near a vagina.
*If you wanna get into her, you gotta get her into you*

Part 2: Fisting, because sometimes you just want to pretend she’s a ventriloquist dummy.
*You wanna put what, where?!*

Part 3: Ain’t nothin but a G-spot thing.
*How the hell does she stay hydrated? I’m glad I brought an umbrella.*

Part 4: Look mom, no hands!
*Dude, is your girl having a seizure over there?
Nah, I just told her to cum. She's pretty obedient.*

That’s right. I will cover some “arousal 101” stuff that is always useful and often neglected, then dive straight into the basics of fisting, and then demonstrate what the g-spot is and how to stimulate it. I wasn’t joking (much) about the umbrella. This is the stuff that causes some women to squirt a high pressure jet of love all over the place.

Finally, we will get a little arcane and I’ll demonstrate my method for training a woman to cum on command. It’s part luck, part magic, part hypnosis, part pavlovian conditioning, and all awesome.
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By: The Woodshed Orlando

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