Grappling For Lovers (Not Fighters)

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Grappling For Lovers (Not Fighters)
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Grappling For Lovers (Not Fighters) says
“Why would I want to attend a CLASS for just rolling around on the floor with my lover?” you might ask.

Try it. Then try to fuck. :)

If you’re new to it, you’ll be exhausted and adrenaline pumped. You may or may not have any flesh remaining on your knees and elbows. You’ll have bruises where you didn’t know you could GET bruises. You might even be injured. Not really at your sexiest right?

If you’ve been rolling for a while, hell these things still might be true to a degree.

This class is designed for those that want to learn how to increase the sensuality and sexuality of their grappling.

Some of the key points we will cover are:
Pacing to avoid fatigue and injury
Incorporating pain play via pressure points and joint locks safely
Incorporating breath play via choke holds safely
Incorporating primal aspects such as biting and clawing
Maintaining a lover’s mindset while keeping the fighter mindset at bay
At the end of the class, if time permits I will allow couples to square off on the mats together while I coach and “referee.”

Tony has studied Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for 4 years, and Russian Sombo for 3 years. He knows his groundwork very well, and a lot of it translates very well into… other activities.

It’ll be fun, sweaty, and sexy. I promise.

Cost: $15
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By: The Woodshed Orlando

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