Life Kinetik Trainer Certification & License Course Orlando, Fl

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Life Kinetik Trainer Certification & License Course   Orlando, Fl
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Life Kinetik Trainer Certification & License Course Orlando, Fl says
This training was developed to help coaches of sports teams. of all levels, from professionals, to juniors.

The program offers Certifications in School Trainer (3 days) Team Trainer (4 days) and Independent Trainer (5 days).

In virtually all sports we recycle the same tactics, drills, methodologies and systems with the desired result being better players and better teams. This proves to be a difficult proposition because if everyone is using the same drills and techniques then innovation is stifled.

Life Kinetik is revolutionary in that it, not only, helps build better players with better skills, but it also allows participating athletes to improve, not just on the pitch, field or court, but off it as well. Participants develop competencies in school, social settings, self-confidence increases all of which leads to better athletic performance.

Life Kinetik is not designed to replace current training practices, but to augment them by incorporating physical movement, coupled with cognitive activities and at the same time expanding the visual field. The result of this is that players think and act more quickly and accurately which improves physical performance.

This course of training for coaches affords a way for coaches to differentiate themselves in the cluttered coaching landscape.

During the course coaches learn how to integrate Life Kinetik into weekly coaching schedules in order to maximize benefit while at the same time maintaining optimal conditioning, tactical and technical capabilities. What is best is that a total weekly training time of 60 minutes is all it takes. Whether one breaks the training into 10 minute bits or devotes a solid block of 60 minutes at a time, the results are the same.

A study at the German Sport University in Cologne showed that both decisions as well as decision speed of team athletes improved and error rates and the stress hormone Cortisol decreased after Life Kinetik training.

Participation in this training is limited but all supporting materials such as training plans etc. are included in the course fee.

With Life Kinetik training, you will be exposed to what is truly one of the most innovative breakthroughs in sports, education and health.

Contact us to learn more at

150 E. Robinson ST, #2303
Orlando, FL 32801
Tel: 407.619.6144
Tel: 214.215.9773
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By: Life Kinetik USA

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