Mint Condition: Just Add Vinyl

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Mint Condition: Just Add Vinyl
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Mint Condition: Just Add Vinyl says
After the great response from the community, we're bringing it back again with Mint Condition: Just Add Vinyl!

Tapping Cigar City Good Gourd!!!!!

Bring your own vinyl records and share your music with us. Plenty of seating and table space is available.

No DJ experience required!
S P V T N I K brings the turntables, you bring the records.

The Setup (README!)
- 10(ish) minutes per session
I'll be making sure everyone gets a chance to play their records and that the grooves keep moving. Try to think of your set as a mixtape

-Be gentle, please!
The equipment is old! Technics SL-1200 MKII's were introduced in 1979! This isn't about showing off DJ skills, it is about sharing your music with people, face to face. If your records are scratched or dirty they may not play on these turntables the same as they do on your home set, so if you are coming to beatmatch, you may be in for some surprises!

-Have fun!
Music is amazing! Be open minded to all the wonderful sounds that you may have never heard before. Lots of things can cause the playback of a record to be idisturbed, so be patient! Sit back and relax, while switch and we swap, as we ride down the tracks.

Tell your friends, bust out some great vinyl!
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By: The Geek Easy