More Q Than A Film Series: Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

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More Q Than A Film Series: Floyd Norman: An Animated Life
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More Q Than A Film Series: Floyd Norman: An Animated Life says
Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

The title says it best, "..An Animated Life", which is exactly what Floyd Norman has lived in his 80 plus years.

This a film about a man who is an artist first and foremost whose one earthly desire was to make a living as an animator, which he did tenfold starting in the 1950's with Disney, before moving on to Hanna-Barbera's cartoon empire, and eventually his own independent productions. Saturday Morning cartoons and the cream of family entertainment owe this man a priceless debt for his seven decades of tireless passion and service. Floyd Norman is one of the essential links in a chain of animated cartoon classics that are enjoyed by legions of fans around the world: Sleeping Beauty, the Jungle Book, Mary Poppins, Toy Story, Fat Albert, Scooby-Doo, The Smurfs, the iconic Soul Train opening, Robot Chicken!!!! One should note that he was nearly advocate for Comic-Con, and even worked on the only TV show to be cancelled after it's commercial break, 'Turn On".

Inadvertently, Floyd Norman became a precedent setter- crossing the color barrier, becoming a maverick to keep up with industry changes, at times a troublemaker, above all he's become one of the most beloved members of the animation field- Big Hollywood be damned!!!!

All of this is covered in "An Animated Life" including commentary from his many friends, family, and colleagues- young and eternally young, like Floyd Norman himself.

Film begins: 7PM
Tickets: $5 online, $7 at the door
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By: The Gallery at Avalon Island