Team Oni Presents: To4, The Fourth Tournament

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Team Oni Presents: To4, The Fourth Tournament
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Team Oni Presents: To4, The Fourth Tournament says
Team Oni Presents TO4: The Fourth Tournament.

Join us for The Fourth Tournament on Feburary 28th, 2016.

There will be a $5 venue fee, and a $10 tournament fee.

All games will be on freeplay for the entirety of the day. Games include Marvel v. Capcom 2, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Metal Slug 3, and of course DDR X3 (NOTE: DDR will be on freeplay when not being used in tournament). Venue fee covers playing machines on freeplay. Venue and Tournament fee gets you enrolled in X3 Tournament.

DDR Mix will be DDR X3 vs. 2nd Mix.

A random qualifier will be picked before the tournament. Participants will play this song, and their score will determine their seed in the bracket.

This quite simply means that the brackets(tree) that this tournament will be uisng follows the Double Elimination standard. Even more simply put, a player must lose two matches to be eliminated in the tournament, the first loss will send him to a lower branch in the brackets commonly reffered to as the "Losers bracket"

This means that the chart difficulties will be the Expert and Challenge difficulty. CHARTS OF A LOWER DIFFICULTY CANNOT BE CHOSEN.

In a match, the higher seed gets pad side pick (1P pad or 2P). Matches will be played best of three, with the first pick being a random song on Expert(NOTE: Challenge difficulty will be used for charts only having a Challenge chart, i.e. Drop Out from Non-Stop Mega Mix). The Player who loses this first song will have the right to pick the 2nd song of the match. If the same player loses again, he will have lost the match, or if he wins, a 3rd song will be picked by the loser of the 2nd song, a tie-breaking song. Winner of this 3rd song will be the winner of the match. The loser of the match will be dropped to the Losers bracket, or will be eliminated if already in the Losers bracket, while the winner will continue onto the next branch of the bracket. Grand Finals will be best of five.

The bracket ends in the "champion" of the Losers bracket meeting the "champion" of the Winners bracket. Since the player in the Winners bracket has not lost a match yet, the player from the losers bracket MUST WIN TWO CONSECUTIVE MATCHES IN ORDER TO WIN THE TOURNAMENT. Meanwhile, the player from the Winners bracket must only win 1 match in order to eliminate the player from the Losers bracket

This tournament is brought to you by Team Oni™ and The Chewy Boba®. Any questions about this tournament will be answered by members of Team Oni, please do not direct any inquires of the tournament to anybody from the Chewy Boba®
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By: Team Oni Universe

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