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Teddy//Talk says
Have you ever seen a TED Talk that really blew your mind and expanded your view of the world? That's the power in these intellectual manifestos, right? They challenge us to embrace a new perspective in a fast, pithy way.

Now, learning on your own is great, but imagine that same powerful experience in the company of friends…. with space for digestion and fruitful conversation. That's the idea behind TEDDY//TALK--Body//Talk's free community event for the month of September.

We're going to screen 3 TED Talks, with 20 - 30 minutes of unstructured time in between. Discussion is encouraged. We'll be choosing one talk ourselves, and give YOU the opportunity to choose the other two! Post the TED Talk that you want to see screened, and we'll screen the two posts with the most "likes". Don't forget to "like" the talks you want to see.

The show times are as follows:

First talk - 8pm
Second talk - 8:45pm
Third talk - 9:30pm

Doors at 7:30pm.
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By: Body//Talk