The White Party | Roxy | 11.4.15

The White Party   | Roxy | 11.4.15
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The White Party | Roxy | 11.4.15 says
Ladies and Gentlemen, the most famous party of Rollins College History is back, GRAFFITI !!!! For those of you that are new to the school this party is a Rollins legacy, i am sure you have heard of it... Shirts with Graffiti logos will be sold and they will be your entry into the club. Once in the club pens will be provided to write all over your friends shirts... Creating memories you will never forgot.

Also for this party, there will be black lights all over the club making you glow, graffiti art will be posted all over the club, and laser shows!

We will be throwing this party UPSTAIRS at Roxy like the good old wild days :)

This will be the last Roxy and Graffiti party for all seniors :(

Shirt details will be posted as soon as possible but shirt availability will be on a first come first served basis.
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