Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Film, Action and adventure
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

In theory, the idea of populating one of history’s greatest imaginative landscapes with the cast of ‘America’s Brattiest Teens’ isn’t so crazy. Put a filmmaker with some wit in charge – Joss Whedon springs to mind – and the result could be a charming clash of cultures. Sadly, no one involved with ‘Sea of Monsters’ seems to possess much humour: this is a witless, heartless, imagination-free slice of kiddy bait.

We find our half-Greek-god hero (Logan Lerman) at a rustic summer camp for the cast-off children of Olympian deities – imagine an austerity-slashed Hogwarts. But when this mythic Butlins comes under attack from a pack of preening prep-school types, Percy is forced to seek out the Golden Fleece.

There’s really nothing to recommend ‘Sea of Monsters’: the young cast are smug and forgettable; the action sequences barely get going before they’re over; and the whole affair is riddled with product placement and pop cultural references – one girl even seems to possess a magic iPad. Keep the kids at home

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Release date: Wednesday August 14 2013
Duration: 105 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Thor Freudenthal
Cast: Logan Lerman
Alexandra Daddario
Stanley Tucci