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Where to get the best butter cake in Philly proper

By Monica Weymouth

Try serving something called “butter cake” in New York or Los Angeles, and you’d be exiled. But in Philadelphia? Pass another piece this way, friend.

Legend has it that a German-American baker invented this ridiculously rich treat after mixing up the proportions of butter and flour, a mistake that Philly was all too happy to forgive. These days you can find the decadent dessert—essentially a thin layer of sponge cake covered in sugary, buttery goo—at enlightened bakeries across the city, including Port Richmond mainstay Stock’s (2614 E Lehigh Ave) and Fishtown darling Whipped (636 Belgrade St).

That said, if you want the real deal, a trip to the great Northeast is in order. There’s a reason everyone is wearing sweatpants in Mayfair—and it sure as hell ain’t the gym.

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