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Dottie’s Donuts bans all New England-themed doughnuts till after the Super Bowl

Josh Middleton

Heads up, vegans: If you have a hankering for a Boston cream doughnut from Dottie’s Donuts, you’re going to have to wait till after February 4 to get it.

The local vegan doughnut chain announced on its Instagram feed this morning that it will temporarily nix any New England-themed treats from its menu until after the Super Bowl, when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots. In place of the Boston cream will be a cookies-and-cream doughnut, topped with dairy-free cookie crumbs.

Not everyone was so pleased about the decision. One person commented, “Listen, don’t demonize the best…donut cos of a stupid football team.” Another Instagrammer suggested keeping the Boston cream but filling it with matcha to make it green. “Boom…We get our fave donut back.” Dottie’s responded that it’ll work on it. (Check the update below)

Another Eagles-themed addition to the menu will be a doughnut hilariously called Eagles Fan on a Greased Pole, a reference to the fact that some light poles in the city were actually slathered in Crisco over the weekend to prevent excited fans from climbing them after an Eagles win.

UPDATE: Dottie’s Donuts listened to their customer base, who were complaining about not having their Boston cream doughnut, and came up with a compromise: Following the lead of a customer who suggested making their Boston cream green, the shop filled their usual Boston cream with matcha filling and topped it with chopped pistachios to create the oh-so-green Creamed Boston. How’s that for a little delicious smack talk?

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