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Four things we loved about the Posies at MilkBoy Philly

Written by
Chris Sikich

The Posies have been cranking out awesome power pop for the past 30 years, and their show Wednesday night at MilkBoy Philly proved that they’re just as lively and relevant as ever. This was the first stop on their latest tour, which features the original two members, Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer, delivering two hours of rocking harmonies—mostly from the ’90s leg of their catalog. Check out photos and highlights from the night below.

1. Stringfellow and Auer had a blast

The Posies at MilkBoy Philly

The duo didn’t come with a setlist, instead they played songs spontaneously, which was quite fun to watch and listen to. In between tunes, they’d joke around and even take song requests from the crowd. Antics aside, the Posies’ sound is characterized by the solid, no-joke guitar skills of both band members, and that was on full display last night. Stringfellow also showed us his prowess on the keyboard.

2. The song highlights were…

The Posies at MilkBoy Philly

Classics like “Dream All Day” and “Flavor of the Month” sounded glorious. And the final song of the night, a rendition of Big Star’s “Thirteen,” was sung without microphones and showcased how Stringfellow and Auer’s voices can fill a room.

3. A very special local guest

The Posies with Julia Gaylord of Callowhill

Philly-based guitarist Julia Gaylord, of the four-piece rock group Callowhill, joined the group on stage to provide vocals on songs “Licenses to Hide” and “The Glitter Prize.” Somebody must be a big fan; her voice matched the Posies’ sound to a tee.

4. Jim Boggia's opening set

Jim Boggia at MilkBoy Philly

Local musician Jim Boggia played an engaging solo set of pop to open the evening. His time on stage ended with a brilliant ukulele cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road.”

Ken Stringfellow of the Posies at MilkBoy Philly
The Posies at MilkBoy Philly
Julia Gaylord of Callowhill at MilkBoy Philly
Jon Auer of the Posies at MilkBoy Philly
Ken Stringfellow of the Posies at MilkBoy Philly

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