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You can now order via facial recognition at FUEL

Josh Middleton

FUEL, the chain of health- and calorie-conscious restaurants in Philadelphia, is following in the footsteps of that expensive new Apple phone by allowing its customers to order at a kiosk that recognizes their face and previous orders.

Just walk into FUEL, press the button that says “facial recognition” and the computer will scan your face and give you a list of the things you’ve ordered in the past. From there, you can pick and choose what you want, then pay for it with a quick swipe of your credit card.

FUEL is a healthy restaurant in Philadelphia

Photograph: Courtesy FUEL

To celebrate the new addition, FUEL is placing every single menu item at under $10, plus they’re adding 17 new menu additions, such as acai bowls, a tahini smoothie, a quinoa black bean burger and a Green Machine smoothie created by Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Tackle Lane Johnson.

“My goal for FUEL is to take fast-casual dining to the next level,” says owner Rocco Cima. “We want to focus on the ability for customers to get a great quick lunch or dinner made fresh using the best ingredients at a great price point.

Plus, sticking to their health-first philosophy, Cima says, “With three new kiosks at these locations, customers have the ability to see nutritional information and vivid photos for everything they are ordering, creating a quicker and more interactive customer experience.”

This is the first use of facial recognition software in a Philadelphia restaurant. Keep in mind that this is only available at the Center City and University City locations. East Passyunk is coming soon.

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