Ally: Janine Antoni, Anna Halprin, and Stephen Petronio

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Paper Dance at the Fabric Workshop and Museum
Photograph: Courtesy FWM/Pak Han

Art and dance collide in the Fabric Workshop and Museum’s new interdisciplinary exhibit, Ally. Artist Janine Antoni, choreographer Stephen Petronio and dance legend Anna Halprin join forces for an amalgamation of performance, installation environments and multimedia components spread over multiple floors of the museum. Centered around themes of movement, perception, the human body and the physical and metaphorical nature of materials, the three-month exhibition features four discrete projects: Rope Dance, Swallow, The Courtesan and the Crone, and Paper Dance. If you need help wrapping your head around all that, pick up the accompanying book for Ally, edited by performance scholar Adrian Heathfield, with contributors including Hélène Cixous and Richard Move. All performances are free, but reservations are recommended.

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