Fried Chicken/Sparkling Wine...Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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4 out of 5 stars
Check out this delicious fried chicken at Kensington Quarters
Photograph: Courtesy Kensington Quarters

While some of Kensington Quarters’ wine selection might be fruit-forward, the menu is most definitely meat-forward. This Fishtown spot specializing in nose-to-tail butchering offers six wines on tap with a bottle selection that’s as carefully curated as their warm-industrial aesthetic. For Philly Wine Week, it’s cooking up a night of fried chicken and Champagne, a perfect pairing of the rich and decadent and bright and crisp, all set to the soundtrack of the Rolling Stones. We’re usually not in the business of contradicting the Glimmer Twins but you’ll definitely get (lots of) satisfaction here.

By: Megan Parry

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