Gene Screen U Penn

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Gene Screen U Penn

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As fast as you can spit in a tube, you can get screened for recessive genetic diseases! Just pre-register online, show up, take 10 minutes, and then you're done -- a genetic counselor will contact you with your results within a few weeks. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER TO BE SCREENED. To pre-register: 1) Go to 2) Click 'Request a Kit Form' 3) Enter your shipping address, but know that your kit will be sent to Hillel and you will be screened there! 4) You MUST put in your insurance information so that you aren't charged separately. If you have a doctor, put their information in. 4) Select "Use JScreen coupon/voucher code" and enter "Penn 2015" ***BRING $25 CASH, CHECK OR CREDIT ON THE DAY OF THE SCREENING*** MORE INFORMATION: In conjunction with JScreen, recessive genetic screening is coming to Penn! It's quick (10 minutes) and easy and cheap! What is it? Recessive genetic screening tests if you are a carrier for genetic disorders. If you are a carrier, that doesn't mean you have the disorder, but you could pass it on to future children. The screening will test if you are a carrier for over 80 different genetic disorders. Why does it matter? Anyone can be a carrier and not know it. If you are ever planning on having a family in the future, knowing your status is incredibly important. If you and a partner have the same carrier trait, the chance of your children having a disorder is automatically 25%. Knowing more about yourself now can give you the chance to explore options available to you early on. Who can get screened? Everyone! Awesome! How can I get screened? First of all, you'll need to register online with your insurance information. Then all you need to do is bring $25 dollars in cash, check or credit card on the March 18th and that's it! How long does a screening take? Just 10 minutes, and no needles or blood! All we need is for you to refrain from eating 30 minutes beforehand and a saliva sample. That's it! Does it cost anything? Only $25 out of pocket with health insurance. This has been subsidized down just for this event, so this is a great time to get screened! You guys are so cool! Can I help? First of all, thanks :D Second, Sure! We'd love to have you be a part of this! Just send a message to and we can find a way for you to pitch in. Can I advertise this to my fraternity/ sorority/health group/ friends/hallmates/ dog's best friends/ etc.? Yes, yes and yes! Forward this event to everyone you know! More knowledge is more power! I have more questions! Feel free to post a message here, or send an email to!
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