Purling Hiss & Dark Blue At Johnny Brenda's

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Purling Hiss & Dark Blue At Johnny Brenda's

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A Benefit For The Fishtown Playschool with: Purling Hiss Full-tilt tunes, aggro riffs, feedback peals, stoned soul-searching pop turnarounds and magisterial portraits of the go-nowhere lifestyle in abstract... ding dong, you're correct: we are describing the sounds of Purling Hiss! But dig it, these adjectives most appropriately articulate Weirdon, the fully realized, forthcoming new album from Purling Hiss! Weirdon is a new-phase Purling Hiss album, using the songwriting and guitar style of Mike Polizze to come up with a quicksilver sound touched on only briefly on previous records. If last year’s Water On Mars was the Purling Hiss heavy rock album, Weirdon travels into the pop dimension of Purling Hiss, making of their fastest and catchiest songs in the abiding images of punk and psychedelia. Written alone to achieve a contrast with the previous album and return, in a sense, to an original approach, Weirdon was made with no concept of limitations any studio, venue, or bedroom might trap. Instead, Mike’s new songs open up all over the place, bloomin' in their home-cooked blend of catharsis and shredding, both in the guitar playing and at the album's central core. Full of color and rock and roll, Weirdon is a rainbow of a record; beaming down to the stereos and streets and highways and boomboxes of today, through the unique and still-growing prism of Purling Hiss. DARK BLUE Led by that charismatic crooner of a hometown sports fanatic, John Sharkey III (Clockcleaner, Puerto Rico Flowers) the trio known as Dark Blue might be the super group Philadelphia has been waiting on for quite some time. Besides Sharkey, the band boasts Andrew Mackie Nelson (Ceremony, Puerto Rico Flowers, Paint It Black) and Mike Sneeringer (formerly of Purling Hiss, Puerto Rico Flowers) in its ranks and the noise they produce is something that could only come from the melding of three dudes with such twisted tastes and talents. It’s a sound that is both malevolent and ethereal; like a throng of boot boys interfering on a night of good fun at the Hacienda in the late 80’s. But if you’re looking for a more concrete description of what they do; their sonics could be aligned with later period Blitz, ‘Still from the Heart’ era Angelic Upstarts or the later solo records of Sham 69 front man, Jimmy Pursey. Both Dark Blue’s brittle though muscular sound and menacing vibe can be polarizing to some, but don’t fret. So shine your boots and join the swarm. Spacin' The first pearl bestowed upon us in the form of a side project from Philadelphia’s finest gnarled-out Psych trio BIRDS OF MAYA was guitarist Mike Polizzes’ Purling Hiss, and now we have bass player JASON KILLINGER with his very killer and very screwy new project, SPACIN’. Originally a basement-only solo thing consisting of Killinger playing guitar through a pyramid of amps accompanied by a drum machine, Spacin’ has started to squeak itself above ground and into the barrooms of the city with a fully functioning lineup. The dude doesn’t even need the drum machine anymore; he’s got his wife EVA pounding the skins! Sneak previews of their upcoming debut full-length Deep Thuds, shows a unit who knows the economic gain to be had from a good, hypnotic riff. For those who have ever gotten lost for days in the strains of the Velvet Undergrounds’ ‘Sister Ray,’ Jonathan Richmans’ ‘Roadrunner,’ Hawkwinds’ ‘Silver Machine’ or even Deep Purples’ ‘Space Truckin,’’ repeated listening to Spacin’ is required in excessive doses. + DJ Tony Orlando Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1xZpHl0

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