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Energy Work Level One Class
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Energy Work Level One Class says
The energy work level one class teaches you everything you need to know to do your own self work and self healing. It includes your attunement to both Reiki 1 and Unified Energy Therapy level 1, and qualifications in each of these. Unified energy therapy (TM pending) is something I have developed from the 53 different mind-body and energy medicine practices I'm qualified in. It is very much a crossroads path- something that takes many things and unifies them into one practice- so that these practices make sense and are understood better. The class also includes a draft copy of the textbook, as well as a downloadable copy of the textbook when it is finished and discounts on future energy work level one classes if you feel the need to come around and brush up on your skills at any time.

In this class, I take multiple practices I've experienced myself and combine them into one system, the compliment that with known science to help you understand why things work the way they do. The text is yours to take home and contains research, information and many exercises and ideas to work with to take your learning further. I also require that you are able to demonstrate and feel the different exercises we do before the class is over to make sure you know what the experience is and how to do it.

I also take two ailments I run into often at each level and show you how to work with them and where they come from as far as an energy standpoint goes. This class covers depression and anxiety.

We will be learning acupressure, chakra work, several forms of meditation, scanning the body for imbalance, pulling and sending energy, the chakra system, several forms of praying and how/why it works, some basic meridians, space clearing, seeing energy and other energy sensitivities, yin and yang, energy in food and the environment, and a host of other topics. Of course, you will also learn everything in a standardized Reiki level one class, as taught through the Reiki Institute.

In each class, I also take some common ailments I see in the field or get asked about often and teach you how to work with them from an energetic perspective. In level one we cover how to handle depression and anxiety using energy work.

I limit my classes to four people and up to two former certified people, because if I had more than that and I couldn't possibly answer all of your questions and teach this much material in one day, and I want to make sure I answer all of your questions.

The cost of the class is only $200 because the textbook is not yet complete (completion and publication is anticipated for this year). When the textbook is finished and published, my costs will go up significantly (somewhere between $50 and $100) and this class will be more expensive. I suggest you get in the class now and download your copy of the text when it's finished later.

Feel free to ask questions, or, if you want to host a class, let me know and we can arrange that.
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By: Rebekah Gamble, Holistic Practitioner