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Hogwash says
New Exhibition, Hogwash, features Pittsburgh Artists The Three Little Pigs

The Union Hall at Bar Marco, 2216 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, will feature:

Hogwash- n. “nonsense” refuse given to hogs; swill. Any worthless stuff.
-worthless, false, or ridiculous speech or writing; nonsense. Garbage fed to hogs; swill.

Hogwash is a derivative of Sadie Shoaf’s painting series Swamp Cognizance, which was first shown exactly one year ago. It was the first time she had ever shown her work publically, and the series simultaneously captured the broad picture of people drowning in a world of over-complication, as well as her individual struggles in a toxic relationship.
Hogwash attempts to capture the recovery and realization that brings us out of these worlds and their toxicity, while juxtaposing these relationships to another toxic world of factory farming in the pork industry. Recovery from all of these worlds only comes after the realization of them, though not always immediately. And both are slow to come and go.
It is a process, and all stages of these relationships, as well as their gross similarities to the more visibly disgusting pork industry will be represented through film, painting, writings, photography, sculpture, and performance.

About the Artists: Sadie Shoaf, Andy Feathers, Katie Krulock, and Almond of Runaway Studios in Bloomfield, PA will all be working together under the name The Three Little Pigs to help Sadie explore her concept to its deepest roots. Each has her/his own unique and personal testimony on the subjects within Hogwash, and by contributing works they’ve created specifically for this show or pulled from their archives as documentation of their own experiences with abuse, viewers will be exposed to these concepts in an appropriately overwhelming and complex presentation.
Paintings, prints, photos, and booklets will be available for sale, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to two local non-profit organizations: providing support for men and women who are victims of abusive relationships: Hog Heaven Rescue and the Women's Shelter of Pittsburgh.

The Union Hall, where Hogwash will be on display, is on the second floor of Bar Marco. The exhibition will run from April 9th until the beginning of May. The opening reception will take place April 9 from 7-10pm. The exhibition and the opening reception are free and open to the public.
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