Reception: Climactic: Post Normal Design

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Reception: Climactic: Post Normal Design
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Reception: Climactic: Post Normal Design says
Curatorial team: ­­Katherine Moline, Ahmed Ansari, Deepa Butoliya
Curatorium: ­­Katherine Moline, Ahmed Ansari, Deepa Butoliya, Laurene Vaughan, Brad Haylock, Beck Davis, Peter Hall
Provocateur: Cameron Tonkinwise
Co-organized by CMU School of Design
Nov. 4 – Dec. 11, 2016
Dec. 9: Reception

More events + workshops coming soon.


Climactic Change: Luiza Prado, Pedro Oliveira, Sinthujan Varatharajah, Manar Moursi, Katherine Moline, Golan Levin

Speculative Anything: Onkar Kula, NoamToran, Nestor Pestana, Tristan Schultz Liliana Ovalle and Colectivo 1050º, Superflux, Shisti, Tie Ji, Cyrus Kabiru, Deepa Butoliya and works from her class, Ahmed Ansari, Sonali Ojha,Terry Irwin, Laurene Vaughan

The Anthropocen: Tentative Collective,William Gaver, Mike Michael, Tobie Kerridge, Liliana Ovale, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Alex Wilkie, Jennifer Gabrys, Joachim Halse, Eva Brandt, Brendon Clark and Thomas Binder, Laurens Boer, Jared Donovan, CMU HCI and robotics, Zoe Mahony, Sara Adhitya, Beck Davis, Raune Frankjaer, Tricia Flanagan, Interplay


The Miller Gallery at CMU is excited to be hosting an exhibition and symposium Climactic: Post Normal Design co-organized by the CMU School of Design from November 4th to December 11th 2016. The event focuses on design and political activism surrounding issues of coloniality, crises of culture and race, and climate change in both the Global South and North. The curatorial premise of the exhibition is to engage audiences in thinking about the ongoing moment of perpetual contingency and precarity that characterize contemporary life challenges and changes the design disciplines. Our exhibition, panel discussions, and workshops aim to present alternative models for design that broaden human capacity to understand and intervene in accelerated social and environmental crises. Climactic: Post Normal Design is the fourth iteration of a series of exhibitions and symposia led by Feral Experimental: New Design Thinking, shown at UNSW Galleries, Sydney, Australia, in 2014.

Additional support for Climactic: Post Normal Design comes in part from Carnegie Mellon School of Design.

image credit: Deepa Butoliya: Critical Jugaad, Power of design by everyone for everyone, 2016
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By: Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University