The Pillow Project Presents (A) Long Here

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The Pillow Project Presents (A) Long Here
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The Pillow Project Presents (A) Long Here says
"Time is not on a clock. The past is not piling up behind us. Time is just a projection. The past, the future, and the present are all happening at once. Forever. A solid, unmoving state that we can only process through memory and intuition from the collection of frames flashing before us."

The Pillow Project's first exhibit-style performance is about our relationship with duration and time in a "series of accumulating nows".

(a) Long Here is a most unusual durational installation that piles up upon itself for sixteen consecutive evenings at The Space Upstairs through video projection, live performance, chalk and other means of showing the passage and expenditure of time. This original concept/performance evolves and plays with its own accumulated sense of time and space, challenging the value we place upon things that have endured an unusual amount of time, in contrast to work done fleetingly in the moment.

Exhibits and performances recur, come and go throughout the run of the exhibit, fading over the extended run and playing with heightened possibility and unusually extended durations. The idea being presented is what it's like to play with our memory, play with our past selves in anticipation of the future yet to happen... all while being forever trapped in a very long now.

(good for unlimited 16 night access)
$10 student | $15 general

APRIL 15 - 30, 2015
doors open every evening 8pm-10pm
(performances @ 9pm)
for more information

This project has been made possible by support from the Heinz Endowment Small Arts Initiative
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By: The Pillow Project