Yinzer Birthday Bingo Alley Cat Scavenger Hunt

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Yinzer Birthday Bingo Alley Cat Scavenger Hunt
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Yinzer Birthday Bingo Alley Cat Scavenger Hunt says
4/12 is basically Pittsburgh Day in my mind, and what better day to throw a Yinzer Bingo based scavenger hunt alley cat???
Every yinzer/ette will receive their 'manifest' aka bingo card at the start. Each card has a grid of Pittsburgh-based scavenger hunt items - use your phone/camera to snap pics of whatcha find around the city. No time limit - first person back with a bingo wins something probably ridiculous.

The only rule is that I make all the rules. It's my birthday and I call the shots, dagnabit!
Some rules I just made up:
-Dont be a jag
-Unless it's your Pittsburgh Day celebratory costume
-Don't cheat
-If I think you're cheating, I'll give you the shifty eye until I decide whether or not you've been cheating, and if I decide you've been cheating I'll DISQUALIFY YOU
-There are no loopholes. Remember, I make the rules!
-No arguing. It's my birthday and I demand everyone get along. Also, I'm always right.

cost to race is
$1 and a REALLY GOOD hug
$2 and an EPIC high five
or $0 and a birthday song (loud) and dance (exuberant)

all $ from the take will either go to buying my friends and fellow cyclists (thats you!) a round or straight into the future alley-cat fund.
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