A Turbulence Of Muses; A Symbolist Dream Play

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A Turbulence Of Muses; A Symbolist Dream Play
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A Turbulence Of Muses; A Symbolist Dream Play says
Fri/Sat/Sunday 8pm sharp; doors open 7:45pm. No entry after 8pm. $10 admission (cash at the door). Not suitable for children or pets.

After 20 years of paratheatrical experiments, music and film production in Berkeley California, my wife/collaborator Sylvi Alli and I relocated to Portland one year ago. "A TURBULENCE OF MUSES" is the world premiere of our symbolist performance ritual of eight players representing diverse aspects of one entity, the poet Rimbaud, undergoing a series of experiments in the systematic derangement of all the senses towards the creation of poetry. Is this a ritual disguised as theatre or theatre disguised as a ritual ? Or some avant garde extraterrestrial poetry slam? All perceptions are gambles. - Antero Alli

Rimbaud (SYLVI ALLI) The Dream Ego in pursuit of intoxicating states of spirit possession!

The Dreamers (BRANDT STICKLEY, MEMORIE EDEN, HANK PETERSON) A family of spirits in kinship with Rimbaud.

Krunk (WENDY ALLEGAERT) Rimbaud's Inner Critic, the dour Rational Cynical Intellect as Clown.

Tubehead (LD McCLURE) An unconscious oracle who falls in love with Krunk!

Raven (WES MARTUSEWICZ) The spirit of the Poetic Imagination has a direct line to the Voice!

The Voice (KATESSA HARKEY) A disembodied entity vocalizing Rimbaud's completed poems.

Text by Arthur Rimbaud (Louise Varese, trans.)
Designed and directed by Antero Alli.
Produced by ParaTheatrical ReSearch.

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