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The 19 best things to do in Portland right now

Of course you'll find donuts, breweries and food trucks among our list of the best things to do in Portland, Oregon (these are the thing PDX is famous for, after all), but we encourage you to look beyond these tasty treats to get a broader sense of the City of Roses. You could spend a lovely few days browsing handmade wares in the Pearl District, exploring lush parks and gardens, cycling over city bridges or tasting your way through the best restaurants. The list goes on, but we won't. Ready to keep it weird in PDX? We’ve narrowed your must-see list down to the 20 best things to do in Portland. Done something on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag #TimeOutDoList and tag @TimeOutEverywhere. Find out more about how Time Out selects the very best things to do all over the world.

The 24 best restaurants in Portland right now

First, let's state the obvious: You have to eat more than donuts when in Portland. In fact, Portland, Oregon is a true food-lover’s dream (plus it’s in a no sales tax zone). From a bustling Thai scene to an abundance of artisan coffee shops and breweries—one of the top things to do in the city—Portland is a breeding ground to a diverse smorgasbord of high-caliber culinary experiences. While chefs are taking big-city risks, they still maintain a small-town mentality taking their time to passionately perfect their craft. Don't believe us? Just stop by one of the many permanent food truck parks in the city to find a diverse offering of tasty eats in every price range. But if you're looking for a sit-down experience, consider this your guide to the best dishes and restaurants in Portland right now.  Eaten something you love on this list? Share it under the hashtag #TimeOutEatList to show your appreciation.

The best ways to get from Portland to San Francisco

No matter how you slice it—by car, plane, bus or train—the 535-mile trip from Portland to San Francisco is easy and (relatively) painless, you just have to decide how much time you’re willing to spend. For leisure-travel, the Coast Starlight, one of the country’s most memorable train routes, is well worth the 18-hour journey. If your time is limited, a commercial flight will get you to San Francisco or Oakland non-stop in about an hour-and-a-half. Or, split the difference on a road trip. The drive from Portland to San Francisco down Interstate 5 is 10-11 hours of lush PNW and Northern California scenery.  RECOMMENDED: The best things to do in San Francisco

The best ways to get from Portland to Seattle

Though Portland and Seattle enjoy a decades-old rivalry that may seem to put more distance between them, in reality, they’re only 174 miles apart. For visitors to the region, the relatively short distance connecting the quintessential Pacific Northwestern cities offers a great two-fer. While we can’t claim who’s got the better donuts or soccer team, we’ll share all the ways to travel from Portland to Seattle so you can decide for yourself. RECOMMENDED: The best things to do in Seattle

The best food trucks in Portland to get your grub on

When in Stumptown, you have to eat at food trucks. Just walk around the city and you'll happen upon a number of dedicated food trucks parks slinging everything from authentic Italian and Chinese to delicious donuts and barbecue—all out of tiny metal trucks. Some of the best food trucks in Portland can be seen driving around the city while others have found a permanent place to call home (perhaps at one of the city's best breweries) and some have even made it onto our list of the best restaurants in Portland. So if you're ready to have a truly delicious meal in PDX, here are some of the city’s most delectable food trucks that are worth chasing around town. RECOMMENDED: The best restaurants in Portland

The 13 best breweries in Portland to grab a pint

It’s a great time to be a beer drinker in the Pacific Northwest. With more than 75 breweries in Portland alone, there are a slew of great spots to grab a drink whether you prefer your brew hoppy or sour, Belgian or British. The tradition of beer brewing in Portland goes back all the way to the 1860s when Henry Weinhard’s beers were originally crafted in the Pearl District. Today, modern brewpubs are continuing the tradition of using fresh ingredients like Willamette Valley hops and barley and Bull Run water to craft beers that conveniently pair well with the best restaurants in Portland. So next time you're in PDX, makes sure these Portland breweries are at the top of the list of things to do in Portland—alongside the city's famous donuts, of course!  RECOMMENDED: The best things to do in Portland

The 12 best donuts in Portland

Donuts might be Portland's most divisive food. The city is a worthy destination for delicious deep-fried dough thanks to celebrity shop Voodoo Doughnut, but local rival Blue Star has a shorter line (and, some would say, better donuts). Regardless of what shop you find yourself at, donuts should be on the top of your list of things to do in Portland. In fact, go ahead and ignore the other restaurants in Portland and fulfill every meal with a sweet or savory pastry.  The best donuts in Portland include flavors like traditional maple bar, Cointreau Crème Brûlée and brioche with passionfruit glaze—this city has it all. Below are some of our top picks from the flourishing crop of bakeries specializing in donuts. RECOMMENDED: The best restaurants in Portland