Beats & Boards:Sinesolder, Rarerbit, El Rubio & You!

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Beats & Boards:Sinesolder, Rarerbit, El Rubio & You!
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Beats & Boards:Sinesolder, Rarerbit, El Rubio & You! says
Always Free Entry!

Beats & Boards in PDX is an early evening 21+ event series where you can play awesome modern board/card games with rad people while our dj friends serenade us with chill sets at one of se pdx's best pubs.

~Sinesolder (9:30 - 11p)
~Rarerbit (8 - 9:30p)
~El Rubio (6:30 - 8p)

50 cent buffalo wings all night!

Play one of these awesome games we bring, or feel free to bring in your own and host a table.

Beats & Boards Game Inventory (and their brief descriptions)~~
~Cards Against Humanity (Be more f'd up than other people)
~Clue (Find the killer)
~Exploding Kittens (Don't get exploded)
~Forbidden Island
~Firefly The Board Game (Take jobs across the universe)
~Killer Bunnies (My carrots!)
~Last Night on Earth (Eat Brains! or Kill Zombies!)
~Monopoly (.. Why am I in jail again?)
~Pass-Out (don't pass-out, please)
~Patchwork (2-player tetris with quilts)
~Playing Cards (Tale as old as time..)
~Scrabble (That's not a word!)
~Shuffle board (free always at There Be Monsters)
~Smallworld (Settlers of Catan and Risk's love child)
~Ticket To Ride
~Uno (Draw Four, cuz I hate you!)
~Villainy (You're a villain, destroy the super hero)
~Wits And Wagers (Trivia meets roulette betting)
~Your Mom (Kidding :D, we aren't playing your mom, but thanks for reading this long list!)

We have several ways for you to play - lucky you!

You're a player! Just show up and mingle buddy - You can check in with Jesse for help joining a table. He will pair you with attractive gamers that you will likely fall in love with :D

You are a game host, meaning you want to take on showing others how to play a game and enjoy it - awesome! where have you been all our life? Use our games or bring your own and do chat up the event page here to rassle up some players!

3) I'M A DJ!
You're a dj!!! Sweet! Do you love making peoples ears happy? are you down for playing a chill lounge style enviornment w/ a community vibe setting? Just PM event host Jesse Lewis to get involved :)
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