Let's Play Capture The Flag

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Let's Play Capture The Flag
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Let's Play Capture The Flag says
Meet up at the Mt. Tabor Amphiteater at 5pm! we will round up the troops and head to the summit from there. If you're running late, just head to the summit.

How to play Capture The Flag
1) the location has a large obstacle where one teams base cant be seen from the other team's base / vise versa - the base's are setup hide and go seek style.

2) We split into two teams, we need:
- goalies / flag watchers
- jailers who watch the jail
- offense (people who go and get the flag or figure out where it is, or get people out of jail)

3) Once the teams are made we split up and set up our bases (each base has a jail and a flag) and each team takes to its strategic positions - a captain from each side meets in the middle and together announce the start of the game.

4) If you are on enemy territory and you get tagged you must go to that team's jail - the tagger escorts you. If you reach an enemies jail you can tag your team members to release them. (naturally if you've been tagged you can't release others)

5) when a team gets an enemy flag - and takes it back to their base holding both flags, that team wins.

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