Riley Fox Grovels For Your Vote!

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Riley Fox Grovels For Your Vote!
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Riley Fox Grovels For Your Vote! says
It's that time of year where dozens of Portland's finest comedians and funny guys at the office send event invites to a bunch of people on their friends list (who have no intention of actually attending said event), in a desperate effort to beg them to come to their Portland's Funniest Person preliminary round at Helium Comedy Club.

Why do they do this? Because the preliminary rounds of the Portland's Funniest Person contest are decided via popular vote! Imagine that! An electoral system where the person who ACTUALLY acquires the most votes wins! [Yakov Smirnoff voice] What a country!

Portland comedian and Rush fan Riley Fox will be competing/campaigning for your vote on June 20th @ 10pm.

"But, Riley," you, a big dumb idiot, say, "what if I don't want to spend $10 to watch a bunch of amazing comedians scream jokes at my face?"

I, an incredibly wise man, reply, "What if I told you that I had 10 FREE tickets available to anyone who manages to locate THE SACRED ORB OF CYGNUS*?"

And you scamper off, crossing the ends of the Earth in search of The Sacred Orb Of Cygnus, which actually fucks me over because if you're seeking the sacred orb then you'll be too busy to actually attend my show. Shit.

(*you actually just have to message me to claim the free tickets)

So come to Helium Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon on June 20th @ 10pm to vote for your favorite Riley Fox: me, Riley Fox.
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