Volunteer Mediator Training Program

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Volunteer Mediator Training Program
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Volunteer Mediator Training Program says
Become a Volunteer Mediator

Read more and access the Volunteer Mediator Application here: http://resolutionsnorthwest.org/events/volunteer-mediator-training/

“Becoming a mediator has been a life changing process”

– Lili, Volunteer Mediator, Neighborhood Mediation Program

RNW’s volunteer mediators work directly with people in disputes; easing tensions, building understanding, and helping the parties find solutions. With professional training and ongoing staff mentoring and support, volunteers gain the skills and confidence to mediate the most challenging neighborhood disputes. Being a volunteer mediator with RNW is a unique way to give back to the community while gaining valuable personal skills.

Getting Involved

All volunteers complete 34 hours of professional mediation training in January, followed by a one-year, 120-hour mentor program, which includes a weekly commitment of a three hour shift on Thursdays (3:30 – 6:30 pm or 5pm – 8pm). This allows RNW to maintain its high standards of service and commitment to improving Portland’s neighborhoods, while providing a valuable skill-building experience for the volunteer.

The Process

We consistently receive far more applications (80-100) than we have positions available (12). Prospective volunteers submit an application between September 3 and November 25. We currently use a lottery-style method to select 22 applicants to interview. From the people we interview, we select 12 volunteers to participate in the program using a wide range of criteria, through a social justice and equity lens.
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By: Resolutions Northwest