We Were Feminists Once Release + Reading At Powell's!

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We Were Feminists Once Release + Reading At Powell's!
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We Were Feminists Once Release + Reading At Powell's! says
Join Andi Zeisler and Bitch Media to celebrate the launch of We Were Feminists Once!

Powell's will host a reading + book signing with Bitch Media cofounder Andi Zeisler, author of the new title, We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement.

“Spirited, witty, and ferociously incisive.” –Kirkus Reviews

“As one of our most passionate and important feminist voices, Andi Zeisler takes on ‘marketplace feminism,’ a feel-good, newly cool and media-friendly phenomenon disengaged from the reality of our ongoing and deeply entrenched forms of gender inequality. Engaging, smart and provocative, We Were Feminists Once challenges us to take on the gap between glitzy media appropriations of feminism and the significant unfinished business of the women’s movement.” –Susan J. Douglas, award-winning author of Where the Girls Are and Enlightened Sexism


Feminism has hit the big time. Once a dirty word brushed away with a grimace, “feminist” has been rebranded as a shiny label sported by movie and pop stars, fashion designers, and multi-hyphenate powerhouses like Beyoncé. It drives advertising and marketing campaigns for everything from wireless plans to underwear to perfume, presenting what’s long been a movement for social justice as just another consumer choice in a vast market. Individual self-actualization is the goal, shopping more often than not the means, and celebrities the mouthpieces.

But what does it mean when social change becomes a brand identity? Andi Zeisler, cofounder of Bitch Media, draws on more than twenty years’ experience interpreting popular culture in this biting history of how feminism has been co-opted, watered down, and turned into a gyratory media trend. Surveying movies, television, advertising, fashion, and more, Zeisler reveals a media landscape brimming with the language of empowerment, but offering little in the way of transformational change. Witty, fearless, and unflinching, We Were Feminists Once is the story of how we let this happen, and how we can amplify feminism’s real purpose and power.
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By: Bitch Media in Portland

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