6th Annual Harleypalooza At Sdcc 2016

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6th Annual Harleypalooza At Sdcc 2016
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6th Annual Harleypalooza At Sdcc 2016 says
Planning for the 6th annual Harleypalooza is underway!

Check back often and RSVP for updates and info on the event. :)

At this point in time, information regarding the event such as time and date is ever changing and up for discussion. Feel free to comment or message us if you have suggestions or concerns.

Date: Saturday July 24th
Time: 11:00 - 11:45am
Location: TBA

Despite which outfit, version or universe we prefer, we're all Harley fans! This is an event in which fans and creators can come together to spread the Harley Quinn love and discuss any and everything pertaining to our favorite clowny characters.
The event tradiationally begins with a photoshoot and wraps up with gifts, chats and occasionally an adventure or two!

This is a gathering for all fans and cosplayers of Harley Quinn, as well as their Puddins and Reds. ♥ We welcome any DC costumers who want to play before the DC shoot as well. Every Harley cosplayer is gorgeous (or handsome!) and we'll have no nitpicking or bullying, kapeesh? ;)
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