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"Big Jay’s Day Out"
Narcissistic art graduate Big Jay struggles to face the real world after being cut off by his parents.

"Evelyn’s Awakening"
A deranged man escapes from an asylum and returns to the home he share with his wife only to find it burned to the ground. He is caught between the delusions of happier times and the harsh reality that she is no longer among the living. Ultimately, the psychosis he is inflicted with returns with the realization she actually died during childbirth. Evelyn's Awakening was featured at the 2016 City Beat 5 Minute Film Fest

"The Fight"
In the dressing room before his first championship fight a mix martial arts fighter reflects on his childhood and the battles he overcame, both physical and mental, to get to where he is.

"The Highway"
Henley is on the last leg of his road trip home when he gets too tired to continue driving, so he stops at a remote motel for the night. Intending to just get a few hours of sleep, and be back on the road, Henley checks into the motel even though the power is 'temporarily' out. It is not until Henley tries to leave that he starts to suspect things are amiss and he must find a way out of there.

"The Lurking"
"Mother, father, and son take on a crablike beastie in this 1985 campy take on ""Alien"". Final project at the University of Arizona for Intro to Video Production. Talking heads? Interviews? Boring documentaries about the Red Cross or something? NAH! This is our take on monster movies of the 80s. Shot on good ol' VHS and edited on those hideous old tape to tape ""editing"" machines."

"Miitomo No No" (Mega64)
Your Miitomo answers are not necessarily private.

"Passed Over" will have you on the edge of your seat as two FBI agents search for missing fashion mogul Henrietta Hill.

"The Phantom Hour"
A vampire's deadly plan for his guests is jeopardized when his dimwitted servant ruins their dinner.

"Remember Me"
A man relives the murder of his lover never.

"She's Been Waiting - A Halloween Fan Film"
A young girl awaits for evil to return to her town.

"Shitty Story Tales"
A piece of shit decides to dedicate himself to search for stories of entities and ordinary situations

"The Wilderness"
An evil madman manipulates the media in order to control peoples' minds and turn them into zombies. There is only one way to escape.

"A Soul to Keep"
Ryan's life and his ultimate fate hangs in the balance after a tragic event.
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By: San Diego Film Week