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Anthro Morpho Cene says
From cave paintings of animals to representations of human figures carved out of stone in the neolithic era, ancient civilizations across the globe have depicted Gods and animals within natural phenomena of wind, sun, waters, volcanoes, celestial and earthly life giving sources. Within the canon of history, these anthropomorphic representations of deities and animalistic forms have taken on new meanings with each new era of unfurling human activity. Iconographic archives tether humanity to it’s histories but allow a shifting morphism into malleable forms of symbolism and (mis)understandings as cultures mash into new territories of global becomings.

The Anthropocene is our proposed current geologic epoch with an unrecognizable beginning but an agreed upon definition of our current ecological position formed by an irreversible human-fabricated impact on the Earth’s climate. This is an era of seemingly
divergent questioning regarding humanity’s trajectory into speculative futures on a warming planet that may no longer have use for the entities residing on it.

AnthroMorphoCene composites anthromorphism and the Anthropocene, considering a global historical lineage of anthropomorphic modes of representation within the NOW context of the Anthropocene. The work in AnthroMorphoCene is a conceptual net cast wide exploring a group of California artists working under its loosely defined parameters. Like the artists of the past using anthropocentric means to connect to matters unknowable, so do the group of artists in AnthroMorphoCene. The artists featured are united under the score of the exhibition but pursue their varied investigations through a landscape of cultural mashup and unique perspectives. The exhibition ruminates on morphing/mutating ideas of labor, gender, shamanism, human/animal relationships and speculative future beings. Throughout each of the artistic investigations, there is a questioning and embracing of the unknowable and intangible experience of otherness as we all move into a veiled future, together.

AnthroMorphoCene artists are:

María Guzman Capron (Oakland)
Angella d’Avignon (Long Beach)
José Juaquin Figueroa (Oakland)
Angela Jennings (San Diego)
Lee Lavy (San Francisco)
Morgan Mandalay (San Diego)
Noé Olivas (San Diego / LA)
Sofie Ramos (San Francisco)
Jason Sherry (San Diego)

Exhibition runs July 8th-September 1st
Opening reception July 8th 5-8pm

Bread & Salt
1955 Julian Ave
San Diego, CA 92113
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By: Bread & Salt