Bicicletas Por La Paz At The Tower Bar

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Bicicletas Por La Paz At The Tower Bar
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Bicicletas Por La Paz At The Tower Bar says
Bicicletas por la Paz

There’s a quiet revolution going on. A very quiet revolution, just pedals and tires on blacktop. A bicycle revolution. And that band up ahead? That’s the soundtrack to it all, made by Bicicletas Por La Paz, a group of musicians, circus performers and bike activists. And their debut, Musica Por Puppets (released June 30, 2015) is their manifesto.
Many of the songs on Musica Por Puppets deal with bike activism, police brutality, and a strong message with change on the brink. Politics is at the forefront of what they do. “Yes, we want people to feel good, but we want them to think, too. Think and dance.”
But Bicicletas Por La Paz aren’t just the commentators on change; being part of it, being involved is important. This is music full of passion and belief. This is what they do, this is how they live. So when the band goes on the road, it’s by bike of course.

The group based out of Oakland CA, came together 3 years ago when lead singer Adley Penner had a vision of bringing his music on the road by bike. The bands first tour was a six month journey down the california coast and through mexico. A mix of playing venues, day festivals and busking on the streets became the culture of the band, a kind of grass roots, guerrilla musical experience which is vital to who they are.
When they perform, Bicicletas Por La Paz put on a true Latin funk circus. The eight-piece pumps up the rhythm with a skanking beat, the horns take it all higher, while the singers sound as if they’ve just escaped from a twisted cabaret, “It really is like a circus, a show,” Penner says. “We have jugglers, skits, and dancers who dive into the crowd. There’s plenty of call and response on songs. We like the audience to take part and become involved in it all.”

They ride with all their gear strapped to their bicycles as a troupe of musical and circus performers equipped to pedal power any show with the use of their bicycles and an excited audience. Pedal powered sound created by the Oakland based business Rock the Bike, has changed the game for musicians to tour by bike. Their ingenuity has created a bike system which generates electricity through kinetic energy. Bicicletas por la Paz travels with a four bike system which powers their shows, “We use two speakers and a sub-woofer that turns into a trailer that are very powerful,” Penner observes. “And there are drum kits now that fold in on themselves. It’s not easy, but we’ve proved that we can do it. And we’ll keep doing it.”It’s a venture that draws in the community, that makes them a part of it all. But cycling is about inclusion, slowing the pace of life and making it human again in an age when we’re all carried away by speed.“When we’re ready for a gig we just say, ‘Get on your bike, we’re going to play a show’,” says Penner.The quiet revolution just turned up the volume.
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By: The Tower Bar