Bump Presents Capyac (Austin / Live Performance)

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Bump Presents Capyac (Austin / Live Performance)
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Bump Presents Capyac (Austin / Live Performance) says
"With a liveshow that parallels the energy of a Parliament Funk concert poured over the house cadence of Daft Punk, CAPYAC have created a wash over the music scene that can only be translated into pure funk" — Beatforest

"Capyac is what baby dance parties want to be when they grow up: the Platonic ideal, the one percent, the Jay Gatsby of dance parties" — Study Breaks Magazine

“We just want people to dance and not care" - CAPYAC


BUMP books bands when they're special and CAPYAC is it.

The live jam feel of P-Funk with the backwards-is-the-way-forward modernity of Jex Opolis productions capped by Steely Dan sheen, CAPYAC are two jazz musicians who fell into the disco one day and bring real chops, improv tendencies, and a commitment to making a party nice to the stage that we can't wait to share with you.

From their Bio -- " The band began in 2014 in Austin and developed their sound through a a flurry of late night sets in dirty apartments, college co-ops, and a rotation of local venues from which a unique sound out of their diverse musical backgrounds evolved. They gained notoriety online after their debut EP "Movement Swallows Us" in 2015, followed up by releases on Lavish and Crosswalk Records. Their full-length album "Headlunge" was released June 1st and represents more than a year of collaboration between the two. Reviewed and championed across the world in France, Australia, UK, Germany, US and more, the singles "Speedracer", "Talk About" and "Fascination" have accumulated over 1 million plays across Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. Although CAPYAC's polished releases have propelled them forward, the soul of the band will always be rooted in the improvisatory nature of their live show"

BUMP Residents Bob Dazzla and Shige will play the records to start the night and then we'll let the band RIP. Fog Balloons and Lights by the BUMP ensemble to a TBD decor style to enhance the experience.

Excellent article on the band, the experience, words for what's in store:

Music by CAPYAC
Bob Dazzla / Shige
Fog + decor + lights by BUMP Ensemble

Discounted advance tix --> https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?985081
$5 presale
$10 day of.

Don't Stop The Music,
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