Creating A Paho Hopi Prayer Offering

Creating A Paho   Hopi Prayer Offering

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CREATING A PAHO - HOPI PRAYER OFFERING As we move through winter and approach the change in seasons, many First Nations pray for the return of light and warmth, the germination and ripening of seeds. They are mindful of the Creator’s plan for the road of life. Pahos, a Hopi prayer-feather stick, are a form of prayer offering. They are used in all religious ceremonies and prayers, as it represents the prayer itself. Pahos are often made in threes: one for the Creator, the next two for the sun and moon. In this gathering, you will have the opportunity to make a paho to welcome the energies of the new season. As we celebrate gently moving into Spring, what are your intentions for your health, well-being, abundance, joy, your homes and your animals? These are the intentions we add to the paho. Filled with your prayers and intent, it is then placed outside to send your prayers up to Great Spirit. WHEN: Saturday March 21, 2015 TIME: 9:30 am – 1 pm WHERE: Verbena Spa Botanica COST: $40, includes all materials Open to everyone 10 and older. Please RSVP so that there will be sufficient materials for everyone. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER 619-980-8151 or email Shamama Liana is a Traditional Curandera (shamanic healer) from Cuba who has been trained and initiated in the Laika healing and wisdom teachings of the Andean, Northern and jungle regions of Peru, and has been initiated in the Tibetan Bön tradition. Liana is a Sacred Pipe Carrier in the Cherokee tradition. Liana has studied with shamans and healers from Native American nations, Canadian First Nations, Peru, Nepal, Tibet, as well as other cultures. Through her shamanic and spiritual studies and practices she has learned how to connect with the healing vibrations of the many helping and compassionate spirits in our universe. As a shamanic and energy healer, she uses many tools and techniques to bring healing to her clients with the empowerment of her helping spirits. You can learn more about Liana’s healing work, upcoming workshops and spiritual travel programs at by contacting her at

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