December Water Drop

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December Water Drop
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December Water Drop says
With the help of volunteers like yourself, Border Angels leaves dozens of gallon jugs of water in the desert along high-traffic migrant paths. Why? Following 1994, when the US government implemented its most inhumane border enforcement policies ever, more than 11,000 mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters have died. Their main cause of death? Dehydration. Our water helps reduce the 500+ deaths per year.

What to bring:
A signed copy of the volunteer waiver (
1 gallon jug of water to place in the desert.
Thick, clear, waterproof bag with 1 emergency blanket, 1 hand warmer, and 1 item of warm clothing (heavy jacket or sweater for example).
Backpack with the items listed below.
Plenty of water for yourself to drink, at least 2 liters/0.5 gallon.
Sports drink, or electrolyte powder or jellies for energy.
Snack eg. energy bars, sandwich, trail mix etc.
If you need a ride, bring $5 for your driver to help cover gas.
IMPORTANT: during the event, you must have legal ID on you. This includes a driver’s license or passport. If you are undocumented, you MUST have DACA to participate. If you have DACA, you MUST have a valid work authorization permit (EAD) on you at all times. If your EAD is valid, you are not at risk for deportation. If you are not on DACA, or do not have your permit on you, we STRONGLY advise you to not the event. This is for your own safety. We pass through at least 1 border patrol checkpoint.

What to wear:
Sturdy, closed toed, shoes or boots
Long pants to prevent scrapes/cuts from rocks, branches and cactuses.
Sunscreen, a hat and long sleeves if you burn easily.
Optional: Sunglasses, lip balm, bandana/scarf/towel to wipe away sweat, tissues.
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