Dolce 2016 Dance Out Loud: Closer Encounters [July 2016]

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Dolce 2016   Dance Out Loud: Closer Encounters [July 2016]
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Dolce 2016 Dance Out Loud: Closer Encounters [July 2016] says

One class at a time, attendees learn new ways to communicate without words.

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[dohl-chey; Italian dawl-che] Music
1. sweet; soft.
2. an instruction to the performer that the music is to be executed softly and sweetly.

In January of 2015, a novel format for workshop and festival design was attempted, City In Motion San Diego (CIMSD). A weekend focused on body movement, blending tradition with experimentation, mixing dance with martial arts, while connecting with and looking for inspiration in music, partners, and one's self.

Using the same core concepts, we have created Dance Out Loud: Closer Encounters. Where CIMSD is an all you can eat buffet of body movement exercises and activities, DOLCE is a highly focused workshop weekend that concentrates on body language.

$126 = $18x(2 night dances) + $15x(6 classes)
Get it all for $80 ONLINE ALL ACCESS ($85 at the door)
Or just come dance with us
$30 ONLINE DANCE-ONLY PASS ($40 at the door)

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Rachel Cassandra
Angie Huang
Jamie-Lynn Figure

A'lan Abruzzo
Angie Huang
Pavel Tsinberg
Lani Olsen
Robyn Schwartz
Christian Hahn
Rio Deva Ryan
Delaney Heil
Moti Buchboot
Rachel Cassandra
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By: CIty In Motion Dance Weekend