Dragons Of Tarkir Prerelease / Free Fnm

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Dragons Of Tarkir Prerelease / Free Fnm

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(Skip to the bottom if you just want flight times) $500 GIFT CARD PRIZE + FREE FNM !!!! * + DISCOUNTED PRERELEASE FLIGHTS + (2 spots on the Wheel for lots of chances to win !!!) + 8ft & 6ft Table Playmats $3000+ IN ADDITIONAL PRIZES!!! WITH THE WHEEL OF FATE!.... NEARLY $7000 in total prize payouts!!!** ALL FLIGHTS WILL HAVE INCREDIBLE SWAG GIVEAWAYS TO MULTIPLE MATCHES (4 to 8 depending on attendance) EVERY SINGLE ROUND!!! As well as random winners of swag & A CHANCE TO WIN DRAGONS OF TARKIR BOOSTER BOXES! ---------------------------- PRIZES INCLUDE:*** - A $500.00 Gift Card to SDGC - 8ft & 6ft Table Mats by Ultra Pro & HCD (See Pics) - Dragons of Tarkir Booster Boxes - Dragons of Tarkir Fat Packs - Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Packs - Dragons of Tarkir Boosters & Intro Decks - Dragons of Tarkir Mythics - Dragons of Tarkir Playmats, Sleeves & Deckboxes - Tons of store credit. Using the Wheel of Fate, we will be giving away TONS of these extra prizes in multiple matches every round in addition to the standard Wizards prize allowance. EVERY flight will offer multiple players the chance to win the $500.00 GIFT CARD ! EVERY flight will offer multiple players the chance to win one of multiple DTK booster boxes. EVERY flight will offer multiple players the chance to win the pictured 8ft and 6ft Table Playmats you see above ! EVERY flight will have multiple spotlight matches where the winner will get to spin the wheel of fate for a chance to win one of many different items, including new DTK MYTHICS, PLAYMATS, DECK BOXES, INTRO DECKS & BOOSTERS! EVERY flight will have extra DTK booster packs given out EVERY round to a multiple random spotlight matches. EVERY flight will have WotC, SCG and DTK Ultra Pro playmats as well as dice, dice bags, deck boxes and other exclusive swag given out randomly to participants, whether they win or lose their round match. As always, we want to make sure this is a fantastic prerelease, and it will be the place to be for any MTG player that weekend. Don't miss it. ____________________________________________ *FREE FNM DETAILS All players who have entered the Friday midnight prerelease flight will be given either a FREE entry into the Modern FNM flight earlier that evening (6:30pm) , Standard (6:45pm) or a $5 discount off of the entry into the Booster Draft FNM flights earlier that evening (7:00pm). DISCOUNTED FLIGHTS: Players who sign up for more than one flight will have a $5.00 discount applied to every flight beyond the first that they participate in, for the entire weekend !!! This is not transferable and must be used by the player to whom it is given. FLIGHT DETAILS: Please call as soon as possible to reserve your flights as well as your Clan of either : CLAN PARALLEL COLOR ASPECT MECHANIC Dromoka Abzan Houses W/G Endurance Scale of the Dragon Ojutai Jeskai Way U/W Cunning Eye of the Dragon Silumgar Sultai Brood B/U Ruthlessness Fang of the Dragon Kolaghan Mardu Horde R/B Speed Wing of the Dragon Atarka Temur Frontier G/R Savagery Claw of the Dragon Clans can run out, so call as soon as possible to lock one in. Reserves just started filling NOW with lots of room. Here are the times for the flights. Flights marked 'RES' after them are the flights in that can have a reservation called in. Flights indicated with an asterisk (*) by their times are tentative, based on the behavior and firing (or not) of earlier flights that weekend. This is due to WotC only allowing so many flights. ALL flights are now $30 per player ($25 after the multiple flight or FNM discount). For 2HG flights players each receive one entire sealed Prerelease pack. SEALED DECK - FRIDAY MIDNIGHT (12:01 am on 2/21) - RES SEALED DECK - SATURDAY, 2/21 @ 12:00 noon - RES SEALED DECK - SATURDAY, 2/21 @ 3:00 pm - RES 2HG SEALED - SATURDAY, 2/21 @ 6:00 pm SEALED DECK - SATURDAY, 2/21 @ 8:00 pm SEALED DECK - SUNDAY, 2/22 @ 12:00 NOON - RES SEALED DECK - SUNDAY, 2/22 @ 3:00 pm (*) 2HG SEALED - SUNDAY, 2/22 @ 6:00 pm (*) We hope you can attend one or more of our flights and join in the fun, and we invite you to come and be a part of our fantastic MTG community!! - Sincerely, Jim & Marina Parenti ** Total prize amount includes prizes provided by Wizards of the Coast and is based on the prize payout of our Khans of Tarkir prerelease, of which SDGC provided over $3400 in additional prize support using the Wheel of Fate. *** SDGC will provide a total of 4 booster boxes for 4 lucky winners and a $500.00 SDGC Gift Card to one lucky winner. All players will be eligible and have a chance to win these prizes. Players need not be present to win....SDGC will notify the winners by email or text. The gift card and booster boxes will be awarded on Monday morning by random drawing. Tickets for the drawing will be awarded both randomly on certain spotlight matches as well as available on the Wheel of Fate (those spaces will offer an additional spin as well) from other spotlight matches. Due to WotC rules regarding prize payouts of Dragons of Tarkir product, winners may or may not be able to claim their booster box or fat pack until the following week when kDragons of Tarkir officially releases.

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