Guitar Repair & Maintenance Workshop With Ryan Huddleston

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Guitar Repair & Maintenance Workshop With Ryan Huddleston
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Guitar Repair & Maintenance Workshop With Ryan Huddleston says
If you're a guitarist, audio engineer, or technician, the Guitar Repair and Maintenance Workshop is perfect for you. Ryan Huddleston will teach you methods that he's garnered through his 10+ years of working with the industry’s top talent. Bring your own guitar or bass (acoustic or electric) and get your axe dialed in and tricked out during class. This hands-on experience comes with take-home materials and life-long resources. Learn to get better tone and feel from your guitar, which in addition to creating a better sound, increases your guitar's value.


· Acoustic Guitars & Electric Guitars – physics of the instrument, types of guitars, string concepts, prevention of common failures, maintenance, humidity, storage.

· Setups – a setup is and why it’s needed, differences between an acoustic and an electric setup; understanding the fretboard, action, truss rod, intonation, string nuts, and more.

· Guitar Electronics - pickups, magnetism, electrical fields, and grounding; when, why and how to change pickups; function & failures of electronics; causes of hum and buzz.

· Repairs - demonstration and discussion of minor & major repairs; replacement of tuners, string nuts, and more; fretboard and wood problems.

· Q&A - ask anything you want, get answers and demonstrations specific to your guitar


Ryan Huddleston is a professional audio engineer, technician, and backline specialist, as well as an accomplished recording and performing musician. He's been a key figure in world tours, recording sessions, and production designs for hundreds of clients, including Train, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Bolton, Microsoft, and Tony Robbins.
Ryan is an authorized warranty repair technician for stringed instruments, amplifiers, and other electronic devices for over 100 manufacturers. He's also received numerous vocational degrees and certifications in the fields of music, music technology, live sound reinforcement, recording arts, digital audio production, amplifiers, electronics, stringed instruments and wireless coordination. He's worked with A-level artists for over 10 years in over 60 countries and has more than 20 years of experience with instrument repairs. Ryan Huddleston has White House clearance, amazing stories, and is simply a cool dude.


June 25, 10am-5pm
June 26, 10am-5pm


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By: Studio West