Hand To Hand Intensive With Jean Luc, Matt And Liz

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Hand To Hand Intensive With Jean Luc, Matt And Liz
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Hand To Hand Intensive With Jean Luc, Matt And Liz says
Immediately following Acro Love Festival , come join Jean-Luc Martin, Matt Fields-Johnson, and Elizabeth Overton for a three day hand to hand intensive at the San Diego Circus Center January 2-4.

You must signup with a partner!

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We will train hard every day from 9:30 am to 4pm with a 90 minute break for lunch.

Hand to hand involves a lot more than just doing a handstand in someone else’s hands. As a circus discipline, hand to hand acts usually have a porter (base) and flyer working together to execute moves of strength, balance, elevation, flexibility and dance. There are two types of hand to hand: static and dynamic. Static hand to hand focuses on balance, whereas dynamic hand to hand makes full use of a performance space by tossing the flyer through acrobatic transitions. Over the three days of the intensive we will be training and refining both static and dynamic hand to hand.

Handstands are the foundation of most acrobatics and they are perfect conditioning for hand to hand. Bases and flyers will all be spending one-on-one time with Jean-Luc perfecting their handstand and building strength for partner work.
The majority of the intensive will be spent learning drills and progressions for static and dynamic hand to hand moves. Our goal is to lay a foundation for intelligent and safe training so that pairs can take home what they learn to advance their practice. We will also be spending time in lines to attempt dynamic skills safely. Pairs interested in Icarian will also have the opportunity to train those skills.

It is required that everyone has a dedicated hand to hand partner for this workshop. Only 10 pairs will be be admitted. The small class size will ensure that everyone is presented with material that is appropriate but challenging for their partnership.

Cost: $375 per person


Signup with a partner! You must be able to do all of these skills with the partner you signed up with.

Supine extended foot to hand, one minute hold
Comfortable two high (can walk and stop with control)
Standing foot to hand (low), 30 sec hold without walking
Standing hand to hand (low), 10 sec hold without walking
Handstand against a wall, one minute hold
Inlocate to two high

Any pair that is part of the intensive can choose to keep training at the Circus Center for the remainder of the week. Contact Jean Luc for details.
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By: San Diego Circus Center